On giving up hope…


So, according to some survey performed a couple of years ago, there are 155 single men per 150 single women in London, 67,000 more single men than women across the UK, and in the 18-34 age bracket (my bracket) there are 338,000 single men!

You’d have thought there must be a good one in this supposedly expansive pool of men – well finding one is proving mighty difficult.

I have tried all sorts of dating apps, evenings, etc, etc and had some pretty awful dates – well now I can look back on them and laugh, at the time I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole.

For the record I am slightly above average height for a woman, slim, fit, relatively normal looking, relatively normal – few quirks, but nothing too alarming, not mean, not scary, and I don’t turn up to dates in gimp masks or anything – so you’d think dating wouldn’t be that hard… wrong, how wrong you are.

This is a collection of my most ludicrous dating anecdotes from over the years, and as depressing as it has been on some days, and funny and wonderful on others, I refuse to completely give up hope, and will soldier on regardless.

P.S. I can’t draw at all, and I borrowed this great illustration from one of my favourite illustrators Gemma Correll – See her work here

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