Nobody’s perfect

mehmaidOk strap yourselves in, I’m going on a rant…

Can we please talk about how men, and I’ve heard women as well, are getting fussier and more arrogant. To the point in which they write rude comments on their profiles that are often quite offensive.

Subject no.1

“If you don’t look like your photos you’re buying the drinks until you do”

You would be amazed at how many men put this, and I’m sure some guys think it’s witty and ‘bants’ but without context to you as a person it just says ‘douchebag’. And why are you such an unbelievable catch that the same wouldn’t apply to you?!

Subject no.2

“Don’t just ask me how I am, impress me”

Ok, let’s get one thing straight here – the success of internet dating is partly down to the fact that it takes the fear and awkwardness of approaching someone out of the equation, and you can build a repore before throwing yourself into the shark tank. If someone can take the time to write a message to you, no matter how simple you should appreciate it, if you don’t like them you shouldn’t have swiped right.

Subject no.3

“Swipe left if you’re a waitress, got tattoos, draw on your eyebrows, wear makeup, etc etc”

I see so many of these and again I question what these people are hoping to achieve. Just because someone has a tattoo doesn’t make them a bad person (I have 7), when a guy says he doesn’t like a girl who wears makeup, I bet he doesn’t even know what a girl without makeup looks like and has probably asked his makeup-less work colleagues are they sick, or they look really tired. I appreciate, that we have certain requirements,  I’m ambitious so someone who sits around all day will probably just wind me up, and I want to have kids one day so someone who hates children won’t do – but they’re big things, based on who we are as people. And I’m not going to reject someone based on the superficial.

Come on guys (and gals) get real – no-one is 100% perfect and those little imperfections are what will make you love them in the long run.

Ok rant over.

(Illustration is another Gemma Correll wonder – her site)

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