To clarify I have no issue with vegans (I mean I wouldn’t give up cheese for anyone, but appreciate the values and dedication of anyone who can say no to cake or cheese). I chose this name because it perfectly encapsulated what dating profiles say. I see ‘no tattoos, no drawn on eyebrows, no waitresses, no scorpios, no vegans’ on almost every man’s profile – it’s no wonder it’s so hard to find a decent guy out there.

I have had boyfriends, and I have been on many dates, and encountered many dating disasters, I have tried nearly every app, every dating site, and singles events – and yes I’m still single.

Have I thought that maybe I’m the problem? Why, as you ask, yes, yes I have, but more on that later.

This little blog is just a device for me to vent, and try and find humour in sometimes very depressing circumstances. I don’t really imagine anyone will read it, except a few friends I bully into it, but if anyone stumbles upon this – welcome, I hope I can make you sigh and smile in equal measure.